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Business development and Project management

We offer consulting in the realization of new projects and in project management from project start to its finish.


Marketconsult’s local and international team of experts has extensive experience in launching various European-level projects, starting at the initial idea, through to the feasibility study and to all project management tasks that require professional solutions. Investments managed by Marketconsult have been realized in various areas.


The most common areas are:
Alternative Energy

IT research and software
Green bio-fuels
Natural Resources
Mineral mining
Tourism and Residential Homes

Aside from the execution of complex tasks, project management includes the development of organizational and business strategies.

During cooperation with its clients, Marketconsult assists in the development and implementation of organizational systems by offering professional solutions.


Project Consulting


Our independent consultants realize the client's vision together with the decision-maker’s personal professional support. The main goal is to harmonize the customer’s ideas and opportunities with the market potentials and the availability of resources.


Professional resourcing


We assist in finding the most appropriate professionals for researches and implementations of projects in various stages/from start up of companies to large corporations/.


Project Organization Development


We help develop functional organizational systems for our clients. Even the best projects are at significant risk if the structure of the organization is not optimized for the task. Therefore, Marketconsult helps its clients with the development of the right organizational structure for the given project.


Project / Program Management


For our customers we provide project management consultation and, through experts, true project management. Highly qualified project leaders with Hungarian and international experience offer operational support in project management tasks.