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Organization Development (OD)

We investigate the causes of problems and suggest solutions


Target audience:

Our target audience is companies with concerns about their business that are looking for a solution.


Why Marketconsult?

Naturally, our clients know more about their markets and their position than we do, but their experts are not independent and have less experience in professional company assessment. An independent analyst’s main interest lies in recognizing problem situations and solving them, irrespective of any personal interest. We make our clients face real facts. Our aim is to determine the causes responsible for any dysfunction in the company. Therefore, the investigation we carry out uses market research methods and follows the logic of professional consultancy.


our method

  • Preliminary consultation to determine the problem and its causes, collecting and assessing available data
  • Guided consultations and interviews with people in important positions in the company as well as the most important suppliers, corporate buyers and consumers (20-50 interviews in each case)
  • Analysis and assessment, formulation of an action plan and writing a report


recommended when:

  • wanting to map the reasons behind the company’s difficulties / negatives
  • looking for ways out of a critical situation
  • wanting to investigate, set up or change the internal management structure of a company
  • planning to reorganize the company to try and find anomalies in management and operations
  • planning to sell the company in order to determine its real market value
  • planning to set up or change market strategies
  • formulating or planning to change the marketing or communication concept
  • assessing the system of distribution