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Marketing audit

We scrutinize the communications of the given company and offer advice on how to make it more effective.

Our Method


1. Assessment

  • Examination of the past marketing and communications activities of the company as either part of or separate of a complex company audit
  • Examination of all the materials of the previous few years concerning marketing or communication
  • Consultation with the people responsible for marketing
  • Conducting interviews with the company’s target audience


2. reporting

  • Summarizing the company’s activities in the audited years with respect to marketing and communication
  • Pointing out of strengths and weaknesses
  • Providing a written report of our findings


3. Moving forward

  • In light of the report, together with company decision-makers, determining of a new marketing and communication strategy for the renewed business policy
  • Deciding on the messages and goals for each group targeted
  • Choosing of the appropriate tools


4. Drawing up a full year's calender of future activities