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Market research


Market research is our specialty. We've been doing it for more than twenty years. What we deliver to clients is not simply research. It’s a product that can help lead to success in the marketplace. It is prepared by research experts who view the market through a consulting and a not a factory-style prism to provide a high quality research service.

Main areas

  • Pharmaceutical Market Research
  • Financial Sector
  • Government and Local Government
  • Consumer Research (FMCG)
  • Advertising & Public Relations Research
  • B2B
  • IT research and software
  • Telecommunications
  • Desk Research
  • Vehicle trade and industry


Consumer (FMCG), Advertising & Sport Research

Our offer is a better understanding of consumers and shoppers. We help find out how consumers use products and learn how they make their purchasing decisions, what influences them to pick up one product and disregard another.

  • Consumer Behavior Analysis
  • Usage and Awareness Studies (product, brand)
  • Customer Satisfaction Surveys
  • Testing of Advertisements (pre- and post tests)
  • Retail Research (purchasing habits, decisions about the selling outlet, consumer satisfaction, and unique face/image)
  • Billboard Test
  • Day-after Recall Tests
  • Sports Research (sponsorship, sport branding, and feasibility studies )


Pharmaceutical Research

We offer professional studies and data collection in this filed. We interview physicians, pharmacists, patients and experts whose responsibility is the regulation of the “healthcare business”.

  • Awareness of ordering/prescribing habits of healthcare professionals
  • Purchasing habits of patients (incl. sensitivity to price)
  • Product Satisfaction (patients, physicians)
  • Promotion and advertising concept and testing of advertisements
  • Overall marketing strategy and concept
  • Sales concept of specific products
  • Special questions and needs


Financial sector

We not only gather data but also analyze and interpret the reasons behind the interviewees’ decisions. Interviewees may they be the general populace, the corporate sector, or the establishment itself. (Aside from the general users of sector specific services, bankers themselves have often been the subject of interviews.)


Methodology Used

We consider it important to choose the appropriate method, but we place more emphasis on understanding the problems preoccupying our clients and then find the best way that leads towards the solution.



Provides clients with the information they need to make successful business decisions.

  • In-home
  • In-hall
  • Shop research
  • Street interviews
  • Shop check
  • Mystery shopping



Qualitative research allows for the understanding of thought processes, captures the reactions of the interviewees and discovers the reasons underlying opinions and behaviors.

  • Focus groups
  • In-depth interviews
  • Expert interviews
  • Semi-structured interviews