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Our special products



We provide practical market information on domestic and foreign markets for companies interested in a specific segment of one or several foreign markets. This not only helps the company orient itself more effectively on the market, but also makes it easier to find co-operating partners.



To Whom We Recommend these Services

  • To foreign and Hungarian companies that plan to expand their business activities or want to fulfill the needs of a special market segment in Hungary
  • To Hungarian companies that plan to expand their business activities or want to fulfill the needs of a special market segment outside of Hungary



Stage 1

  • Preparing of a short market analysis (main characteristics of a given market segment in one to two pages)
  • Finding relevant business partners
  • Supplying detailed information about the investigated companies
  • Finding companies interested in co-operation
  • Formulating of possible market strategies


Stage 2

  • Setting up appointments with possible business partners
  • Offering professional help at business meetings (e.g. translation, physical presence of a professional at the meeting, etc.)
  • Offering legal advice for starting a business in Hungary (optional)


 Why All This Information?


Setting up a new business in an unknown market hides thousands of dangers. With relevant knowledge about the market characteristics, the main participants, and the possible business partners you can significantly reduce business risk. Also, finding adequate business partners without local knowledge takes a long time, is hard, and very costly.




Introduction to a chosen market (Hungary for foreign, foreign countries for Hungarian entrepreneurs)


Detailed analysis of a given market, and defining possible market strategies in the form of a written study. We offer this service to companies for whom an efficient entry into a specific market is a key success factor and want to reduce business risk to the lowest possible level. The study deals with the following themes:

  • Characteristics of a specific market segment in a given country
  • Main participants of the market
  • Main buyer groups and typical expectations of the distributors and suppliers,
  • Special characteristics of distribution
  • Description of applied marketing strategies
  • Analysis of market strategies
  • Characteristics of taxation
  • Forms of company establishment and its costs